what is protocol in network?? & Importance of Protocols

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 what is protocol in network??

 A protocol is a set of rules used by computers in a network to communicate with each other.  A protocol is a convention or standard that governs or enables connection, communication, and data transfer between computing endpoints. 
In its simplest form, a protocol can be defined as rules governing the syntax, semantics, and synchronization of communications.  The protocol can be implemented by hardware, software, or a combination of the two.  At the minimum level, a protocol defines the behavior of a hardware connection.

Importance of Protocols

Protocol presence in human communication has different rules about speaking. listening comprehension. All these rules are also called negotiation protocols, separate layers of communication.
They work together to help people communicate successfully. The protocol requirement also applies to network devices. There is no way to learn protocols in computers, so network engineers have written rules for communication that must be strictly followed for successful host-to-host communication. These rules apply to different layers of sophistication like which physical connection to use, how hosts listen,  how to interrupt, the way to say goodbye, and the way to speak briefly, which language to use. And many others.
These rules, or protocols, which work together to ensure successful communication, are known as protocol suites. The widespread use and expansion of communication protocols is both a prerequisite for the Internet and a major contributor to its power and success.
The pair of Internet Protocol (or IP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) are the most important of these, and the term TCP / IP refers to a repository (“protocol suite”) of its most commonly used protocols. Most of the Internet’s communication protocols are described in the RFC documents of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
Object-oriented programming has extended the use of the term to include programming protocols available for connection and communication between objects. Typically, only the simplest protocols are used.
Most protocols, especially within the context of communication or networking, are layered together within the protocol stack, where the various functions listed above are divided between different protocols within the stack. While the protocol stack represents a specific combination of protocols that work together, a reference model is a software architecture that lists each layer and services each must offer. The classic seven-layer reference model is the OSI model, which is used to conceptualizing the protocol stack and peer entities.
This reference model also provides an opportunity to hide more general software engineering concepts, teaching modularity, and delegation of functions. This model has ended despite the demise of many of its protocols (and protocol stacks) originally approved by ISO.

Transport Control Protocol

 TCP / IP Protocol TCP / IP (Transport Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) is not really a protocol, but a set of protocols – a protocol stack, as it is most commonly called.  Its name, for example, already refers to two different protocols, TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and IP (Internet Protocol).  There are many other protocols related to TCP / IP such as FTP, HTTP.  SMTP and UDP.

what is protocol in network?? & Importance of Protocols
what is protocol in network?? & Importance of Protocols

As you can see, TCP / IP has four layers.  Programs talk to the application layer.  On the application layer, you will find application protocols such as SMTP (for e-mail), FTP (for file transfer), and HTTP (for web browsing).  Each type of program talks on a different application protocol depending on the purpose of the program.  After processing the program the request, the protocol on the application layer will talk to another protocol from the transport layer, usually TCP. 
This layer is the Internet for receiving data sent by the upper layer, dividing them into packets, and sending them to the bottom layer.  In addition, during data reception, this layer is in charge to keep the packets received from the network in order (since they can be received out-of-order) and also checks whether the contents of the packets are intact.  We have IP (Internet Protocol) on Internet Lover, which receives packets received from the transport layer and virtual address information, L.e.  Adds the address of the computer that is sending the data and the address of the computer that will receive this data.  These virtual addresses are called IP addresses. 
The packet is then sent to the lower level, the network interface.  The packets of this layer are called datagrams.  The network interface will receive packets sent by the Internet layer and send them over the network (or receive them from the network when data is received from the computer).  What is inside this layer will depend on the type of network your computer uses.  Now-a-days almost all computers use one type of network, called ethernet (which is available in many different speed grades; wireless networks are also ethernet networks) and thus you should find inside the network

 The interface layer of the Ethernet layer, which is Logic Link Control (LLC), Media Access Control (MAC) and Physical, is listed from top to bottom.  Packets transmitted over the network are called frames.

Conclusion Of what is protocol in network

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