what is internet definition and evolution of the internet

what is internet definition and evolution of the internet if you find the answer of these question then this article is definitely for you. in this article we will discuss about what is internet definition, the evolution of the internet and issues of internet in detail. So without wasting time Let’s Know about the internet.

what is internet definition


Internent Is Revolutionizing Our Society, Our Economy And Our Technological System. No One Known For Certain How Far. Or In What Direction, The Internet Will Evolve. But No One Should Understimate Its Importance.

Over The Past Century And A Half, Important Technological Developments Have Created a worldwide Environment that’s Drawing The People Of the planet Closer And Closer Together.

During The Industrial Revolution. We Learn To Put Motors To Work To Magnify Human And Animal Muscle Power. In The New Information Age, We Are Learning To Magnify Brainpower By Putting The Power Of Competition Whenever We Need It, And To Provide Information Services On A Global Basis.
Computer Resources Are Infinitely Flexible Tools; Networked Together, they permit Us to get Exchange, Share, And Manipulate Information In An Uncountable Number of the way. The Internet, As An Integrating Force, Has Melded The Technology Communications And Computing to supply Instant Connectivity And Global Information Services to all or any of Its Users At Very Low Cost.

Some Years Ago, Most Of The World Knew Little Or Nothing About The Internet. It Was The Private Enclave Of Computer Scientists And Researchers Who Used It To Interact With Colleagues In Their Respective Disciplines.
Today’s, The Internet’s Magnitude Is Millions Of Times, What It Was Only A Decade Ago. It Was Estimated That About 60+ Million Host Computers On The Internet Today Serve About 200+ Million Users In Over 200 Countries And Territories.

The Internet Is A Standardize, Global System Of Interconnected Computer Networks That Connects Millions Of People. The System Uses The Internet Protocol Suite ( TCP/IP ) Standard Rule For Data Representation, Signaling, Authentication And Error Detection. It Is A Network Of Networks That Consists Of Millions Of Privet And Public, Academic, Business, And Government Network Of Local To Global Scope That Linked By Coppers Wire, Fibre-Optic Cables, Wireless Connections, And Other Technologies.

The Internet Carries a massive Array of data Resources And Services, Most Notably The Inter-Linked Hypertext Documents Of the planet Wide Web (Www) and therefore the Infrastructure To Support Electronic Mails, In Addition To Popular Services Such As Video On Demand, Online Shopping, Online Gaming, Exchange Of Information From One To Many Or Many To Many By Online Chat, Online Social Networking, Online Publishing, File Transfer, And Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Or Teleconferencing, Telepresence Person To Person Communication Via Voice And Video.ment.

bullet points of what is internet definition

  • the internet is a global network of networks
  • People And Organizations Connect Into the web in order that they Can Access Its Massive Store Of Shared Information.
  • the internet is an inherently participative medium. anybody can publish information or create new services.
  • the internet is a cooperative endeavour – no organation is in charge of the net.
  • The Internet Is A Network Of Networks, Linkings Computers To Computers Sharing The TCP/IP Protocols. Each Runs Software to supply Or ”Serve” Information And / Or To Access and look at Information.

evolution of the internet


The Origins Of the web Reach Back To The 1960s When The us Funded Research Projects Of Its Military Agencies to create Robust, Fault-Tolerant And Distributed Computer Networks.

This Research And A Period Of Civilian Funding Of a replacement U.S. Backbone By The National Science Foundation Spacewend Worldwide Participation In The Development Of New Networking Technologies And Led To Commercialization Of An International Network In The Mid 1990s, And Resulted In The Following Popularization Of Countless Applications In Virtually Every Aspect Of Modern Human Life As 2009, An Estimated Quarter Of Earth’s Population Uses The Services Of The Internet.

What Makes This Interconnection Possible Is The Use Of A Set Of Of Communication Standard, Procedures And Formats In Common Among The Networks And The Various Developments And Computational Facilities Connected To Them.

The Procedures By Which Computer Communicate With Each Other Are Called ”Protocols” While This Infrastructure Is Steadily Evolves To Include New Capabilities, The Protocols Initially Used By The Internet Are Called ”TCP Protocols” , Named After The Two Protocols That Formed The Principle Basic For Internet Operation.

Interconnecting Computers Is An Inherently Digital Problem. Computers Process An Exchanges Digital Information,Meaning That They Use A Discrete Mathematical ”Binary” Or ”Two Valued” Language Of 1s And 0s. For Communication Purpose, Such Information Is Mapped In Continuous Electrical Or Optical Waveforms.
The Use Of Digital Signaling Allows Accurate Regeneration And Reliable Recovery Of The Underlying Bits. We Use The Terms ”Compute” , ”Computer Resources” And ”Computation” To Mean Not Only Traditional Computers, But Also Device That Can Be Controlled Digitally Over A Network, Information Resources Such As Mobile Program And Other Computational Capabilities.

The Telephone Network began With Operators Who Mannually Connected Telephone one another Through ”Patch Panels” That Accepted Patch Cords From Each Telephone Line Are Electrically Connected Them to at least one Another Through The Panel, Which Operated , In Effect, Like Switch. The Result Was Called Circuit Switching, Since At Its Conclusion, An circuit Was Made Between The Calling Telephone and therefore the Called Telephone.
Conventional Circuit Switching Which Was Developed To Handle Telephone Calls Is Inappropriate For Connecting Computer Because It Makes Limited Use Of The Telecommunication Facilities And Takes Too Long To Set Its Connections. Although Reliable Enough For Voice Communications, The Circuit-Switched Voice Network Had Difficulty In Delivering Digital Information Without Errors. This Is The Evolution Of The Internet Now Let’s Talk About Some Common Internet Issues.

issues of internet


emerging technologies and especially this communication revolution, we are witnessing, also comes with new issues relevant to safety, privacy, security, decency and netiquette. we have to familiarize our self with these issues and our responsibilities as we become a member of the internet society at large.


issues of internet

this is major concern to use the internet. beware of giving out your name, address or telephone number and tell them never to release this information to strangers. so please check all information before fill any kind of form and survey.


issues of internet

don’t post or write anything you would not mind anyone else seeing. remember your information is not secure nor is your email necessarily private. it is supposed to be, but that isn’t always the case. also, never ever send your credit card and debit card number via email or forms.


issues of internet

to enhance security, many networks have encrypted, secure transmission methods that include site certificates. be sure you are using one of these methods if you are entering secure information, such as credit, debit card number at a mail-order catalog’s website. better yet, call them with this information if you’re in the least wary of security. there are also virtual banks, on-line escrow and checking system and other web developments emerging to deal with the issue.


issues of internet

unfortunately this revolution in accessing information means not all information on the web is suitable for everybody . while many servers maintain standard of decency and refuse to permit any indecent material on their computers networks, still many other don’t , or worse, some exist solely for this purpose of allowing such material.


issues of internet

all cultures and societies have standards of conduct and customs. there are many good resources for you to read online. the important thing is to require a while and browse informed network etiquette so you be a responsible, well-informed member of cyber-society.

internet governance

internet governance

the internet society has been engaged in ongoing efforts to create a clear roadmap for discussion of how the internet should be managed. our recent effort has included participation in the internet governance forum ‘stock-taking’ exercise in athens where ISOC pushed four central concepts: openness, diversity, security and access.

user-centric internet

what is internet definition and evolution of the internet

how might one envision the future of the internet ? one way is to think about the web built round the needs of the individual citizen of world wide web.

internet exchange points

what is internet definition and evolution of the internet

internet exchange points keep internet traffic local, improve the quality of internet services, provide resilience in domestic infrastructure, and reduce costs. internet exchange points are also growing as importance as critical infrastructures.

the domain name system

what is internet definition and evolution of the internet

the domain name system (DNS) enables networks on the internet to use globally unique names. this creates a ”human” environment, where pepole can use easy to remember names for things like web pages and mailboxes, rather than long numbers or codes.


what is internet definition and evolution of the internet

the internet has spurred innovation in an unprecedented way. whether it is in areas of technological change, social networking, content generation or delivery of services – to maintain just a few – the internet continues to allow and encourages user to innovate in ways only limited by their imagination.


what is internet definition and evolution of the internet

the emergence of the web has forced legislators, intellectual property holders, and activists to rethink the way property laws should operate in a very modern networked society.


what is internet definition and evolution of the internet

ISOS believes the internet is for everyone and is committed to promoting the internet’s development, stability, and security. malicious activities, such as denial of service attacks, spam, viruses, phishing scam, and other fraudulent activities.


what is internet definition and evolution of the internet

spam has grown to be a serious concern for internet users and policy makers not only congesting networks and disseminating viruses and fraud messages but undermining trust within the internet and digital economy.


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