how to choose best processor for mobile??

whenever there is talk of getting a new mobile or some other gadget, the biggest question comes how to choose best processor for mobile in the budget-friendly segment.  If this is also your problem, then this how to choose best processor for mobile article is going to remove all your troubles, so definitely read it till the end.

We have divided this article into three parts in which we have What is the processor ?? how to choose best processor for mobile?? And best processor for mobile along with Performance of Processor have been described in detail.

What is the processor??

Processor is the important part of any Smartphone that fulfills our given task and makes any Smartphones smart, in other words, Processor is also called Smartphone’s brain.
Obviously, the stronger the mind, the faster and better its performance, so people often look towards High Price Flagship Segment for High-Performance, although in High Price Flagship Segment you also get Flagship Performance.
But it is also necessary to ask ourselves whether we really need to take the Flagship Processor, in fact our use of our Smartphones decides how much processing power we need, about which we have How to choose  the processor??

best processor for mobile

how to choose best processor for mobile??

The performance of any Processor depends on its Number of Core and Clock Speed ​​(GHz).
The core of the Processor is the element that implements and executes the task, today’s New Generation Processor comes with multiple Core which means that the more Core Processor will provide the better and Lag-Free User Experience will get. It doesn’t mean fewer core processors would lag or anything.
 COMMONLY USED is a multiple CORE PROCESSOR these days.

  • Dual ( Two)    Core
  • Quad ( Four) Core
  • Octa (Eight ) Core

We know Clock Speed ​​as Gigahertz (GHz), Clock Speed ​​describes Core’s task performing speed.
So the more the better the rule works here too, you will get to see multiple GHz numbers for multiple cores in some High-End Flagship Processor, doing this helps manufacturers to boost power and efficiency.  For example, Qualcomm has Snapdragon 845 Octa-Core Processor, out of which 4 Cores have been clocked at 2.8 GHz for Peak Performance and 4 Cores have been clocked at 1.7 GHz for Efficiency and Less Battery Consuming.
Expert Advice: In addition to Number Of Core, you can also compare Clock Speed to choose the best processor.

Performance of the processor

Processor performance is directly related to Smartphone Speed ​​and User Experience, as I also mentioned above, the faster the processor, the better the performance.  So a Smartphone with a Fast Processor would access apps efficiently and will give you the best user experience as well.
While a weak Processor can make your Smartphone Experience useless.
And you may get to see problems like Overheating, Lagging.  To overcome this confusion and worse experience, our Besttopten team tested all the processors and in this test, we have also tested these processors in addition to Benchmark Score and Real-World Performance.  Then we have prepared this TABLE OF BEST MOBILE PROCESSOR. 

Table of the best processor for mobile

RankProcessor NameSmartphoneScore
#1Apple A13Apple Iphone 11152
#2Snapdragon 865oneplus 8150
#3Exynos 990Samsung Galaxy S20148
#4Media Tek Dimensity 1000147
#5Apple A12Iphone Xs Max146
#6Snapdragon 855+Asus ROG II145
#7Snapdragon 855One Plus 7 Pro144
#8Kirin 990 5GHuawai Mate 30 Pro 5G144
#9Kirin 990 4GHuawai Mate 30 Pro 4G143
#10Exynos 9825Galaxy Note 10+142
#11Exynos 9820Galaxy S10140
#12Media Tek Dimensity 1000L138
#13Kirin 980Huawei Mate 20 Pro137
#14Exnos 980135
#15Snapdragon 765G134
#16Snapdragon 765133
#17Apple A11IPhone X130
#18Snapdragon 845OnePlus 6T127
#19Exynos 9810Galaxy Note 9125
#20Snapdragon 730GOppo Reno 2124
#21Kirin 810Honor 9x124
#22Snapdragon 730Redmi K20123
#23Kirin 970Huawei Mate 10 Pro121
#24Helio G30TRedmi Note 8 Pro119
#25Apple A10 FusionIPhone 7 Plus118
#26Helio G 90118
#27Snapdragon 835Google Pixel 2xl117
#28Exynos 8895Galaxy S8+114
#29Snapdragon 712Vivo Z5114114
#30Snapdragon 710Xiaomi Mi 8 SE113
#31Snapdragon 675Redmi Note 7 Pro112
#32Snapdragon 670Oppo R17111
#33Helio P90Oppo RenoZ110
#34Helio X30Meizu Pro 7 +109
#35Apple A 9IPhone 6S +109
#36Snapdragon 821One Plus 3T108
#37Snapdragon 820LG G5107
#38Exynos 8890Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge103
#39Kirin 960Huawei Mate 9 Pro103
#40Exynos 9611Samsung Galaxy M30s103
#41Helio G70103
#42Exynos 9610Samsung A50102
#43Helio P 65Vivo S1102
#44Snapdragon 660Xiaomi Mi A2101
#45Exynos 9609Moto One Vision101
#46Snapdragon 665Redmi Note 8100
#47Helio P70Realme U199
#48Helio P60Realme 198
#49Exynos 7885Samsung Galaxy A798
#50Kirin 710Honor 8X98
#51Snapdragon 636Nokia X697
#52Exynos 7904Galaxy M2096
#53Snapdragon 632Meizu Note 892
#54Kirin 955Huawei Honor V 889
#55Snapdragon 630Moto X488
#56Kirin 950Huawei Mate 888
#57Exynos 7872Meizu M6s87
#58Helio X2785
#59Exynos 7420Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge81
#60Helio P 35Infinix Note 681
#61Snapdragon 810One Plus 280
#62Helio P 3080
#63Helio X 23Lenovo K8 Note79
#64Helio P 23Oppo F579
#65Helio X 2577
#66Exynos 7880Samsung Galaxy A7(2017)77
#67Helio X 2075
#68Helio P 2575
#69Snapdragon 653Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro74
#70Helio P 20SonyXperia XA174
#71Apple A8IPhone 6 +74
#72Snapdragon 626Moto Z2 Play72
#73Snapdragon 625MI A173
#74Kirin 659Honor 7X71
#75Kirin 658Huawei P10 Lite71
#76Snapdragon 650Redmi Note 3 Pro70
#77Kirin 655Honor 6X70
#78Kirin 650Honor 5C70
#79Snapdragon 439Vivo Y9369
#80Helio P 22Redmi 669
#81Snapdragon 652Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro69
#82Snapdragon 450Moto G669
#83Snapdragon 80868
#84Exynos 7870Samsung Galaxy J7(2017)67
#85Helio A22Redmi 6 A66
#86Kirin 935Honor 766
#87Kirin 930Huawei P 865
#88Apple A7IPhone 5S65
#89Snapdragon 429Nokia 3.265
#90Helio A2063
#91Exynos 5433Samsung Galaxy Note 461
#92Helio P 18Nokia 5.161
#93Helio P 1059
#94Snapdragon 435Moto E5 +59
#95Helio X10HTC One E959
#96Exynos 7580Samsung Galaxy A 7(2016)58
#97Snapdragon 430Redmi 3s57
#98Snapdragon 617Moto G4+55
#99Exynos 7570Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime53
#100Snapdragon 616Honor 7I52
#101Snapdragon 615Lenovo Vibe P151
#102MT6750TOppo F351
#103Snapdragon 427Moto G6 Play50
#105Snapdragon 425Nokia 2.149
#107MT6753Lenovo K4 Note49
#108MT6752Lenovo K3 Note48
#109MT6750Oppo F1s48
#110Snapdragon 415Lenovo VIBE K547
#111Kirin 620Huawei P 8 Lite47
best processor for mobile
how to choose best processor for mobile
best processor for mobile

How to understand

  • Above 120 Excellent
  • Between 100 To 120 – High Performance
  • Between 60 To 100 – Average
  • Between 50 To 60 – Below Average
  • Below 50 – Poor

best processor for mobile in all segment

all segment processor chart
how to choose best processor for mobile

We have categorized all the processors present in the market according to their price and segment, which will make it much easier for you to choose best processor for mobile in your budget.


how to choose best processor for mobile
flagship mobile processor chart

High- End

how to choose best processor for mobile
hi-end mobile processor chart


how to choose best processor for mobile
mid-range processor chart


how to choose best processor for mobile
budget mobile processor chart

Conclusion of how to choose best processor for mobile.

There are few manufacturers in the market that make processors, such as Huwai, Qualcomm and Mediatek.  Apple, Samsung and Huwai use their Processor in their own Smartphone, but Qualcomm and Media-Tech’s Processor are commonly seen in all smartphones.
According to our test, the best Processor so far for Ios devices is Apple’s A13 Bionic which is in the iPhone 11 lineup, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 in Android devices.
Then comes the number of Exynos 990, Mediatek Dimension 100, Snapdragon 855+ and Kirin 990.
I hope that this article Which Mobile Processor Is Best will be helpful in understanding and choosing your processor, I will keep updating this list as soon as the new processor comes.
Comment for questions and suggestions related to Processor. 
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 Is Qualcomm better than Media Tek?

 The common misconception is that the Qualcomm Snapdragon is better than the Mediatek in the budget segment,Looking at the benchmark score, it seems to be true to some extent but in the real life experience, the Mediatek Qualcomm Snapdragon gives a good and equal competition.As far as we believe, the performance of both Mediatek and Qualcomm Snapdragon is the same in the budget segment. 

Which Is The Best Processor For Smartphones Till 2020?

 The best Processor yet for ios is A13 while in android Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Which Processor Is Better Snapdragon Or Kirin ?

The processor in both are decent and is the good in its segment but if it is the top order segment then Snapdragon delivers better performance than Kirin due to its good built GPU.

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