connecting to the internet in windows pc

Why Connecting to the internet in windows pc is important and how to connect the internet in windows pc. If You Find The Answer Of These Question Then This Article Is Definitely For You. In This Article We Will Discuss Dial-up account, PPP account, ADSL Connection,   And  Cable connections Cons In Detail. So Without Wasting Time Let’s Know About The topic.

To connect to the Internet, we can use one of several types of accounts.

  • Dial-up account
  • PPP account
  • ADSL Connections
  • Cable connections
connecting to the internet in windows pc
connecting to the internet in windows pc

Dial-up account

Most people connect with the web using a modem and telephone line to dial into a PPP account on the web provider’s computer. Most ISPs support speeds of 14.4 Kbps, 28.2 Kbps and 56 Kbps. you simply connect once you want to use Internet services, and disconnect (hang up) while you’re need is over.
to set Windows to attach automatically, follow these steps:

  •  Choose Start Settings control panel and run the web program. Click the Connection tab on the web Properties panel and make sure that the modem is connected to the web using the settings.
  • Click the Settings button to display the Dial-Up Settings panel
  • within the first box, select the dial-up networking connection you would like to use when connecting to the web.
  • Set other options to inform windows how often to make a choice and the way long to attend between attempts (if your ISP’s line is busy). Also, type your username and password.
  • Click OK to dismiss the Dial-Up Settings dialog box, and then click OK again to the dismiss internet property dialog box.

PPP account

The second type of PPP account Internet account is named PPP account. this type of account allows you to connect your computer right to the web. once you have a PPP account, your computer may be a fully-fledged internet host during the time you’re connected.
With this sort of account, your own computer works and therefore the remote computer acts mainly as a conduit into the internet. for the duration of your internet session, your computer is a component of the worldwide web, a bit like a computer directly connected with a cable. the sole difference is that your computer is connected over a telephonic line. as far because the remainder of the internet is concerned. you’re on the internet and other internet computers can communicate together with your computers directly. once you use a pop connection. your computer temporarily becomes a web host. this suggests the client program you’ll to access the varied internet services run on your computer. the most effective thing a few pop connections is that you just can use as many consumers as you would like at an equivalent time. the simplest thanks to believing a PPP connection is as a tunnel into the internet.

you run whatever client programs you would like on your computer and once they got to send or receive information, they use the tunnel. the character of the tunnel is such it’ll support as many consumers as you would like to use in fact, if you create too many demands on the system at an equivalent time, the traffic within the tunnel will increase and everything will slow down.

 ADSL Connection

 ADSL (Asymietric Digital Subscribers Line) connections are becoming more and more widely available and can provide an excellent Internet connection.  Connections work by splitting  your phone line into  two different channels, one for data (internet) and one for voice, that means you can talk on the phone and be connected to the  internet at the same time. You will often see ADSL connection services advertised as having  different speed  Specifications that can be connected Below are some common configurations:

  •  256 Kbps / 128 Kbps
  • 512 Kbps / 128 Kbps
  •  1 Mbps / 256 Kbps
  • 2Mbps / 512 Kbps
  • 8Mbps / 1024 Kbps

Each configuration has two values, the first figure.  Indicates download speed and e second configuration  maximum upload speed.  As an example let’s take the second configuration 512 Kbps / 128 Kbps, it means that you can potentially download data at speeds of 513 Kips and upload data at 128 Kbps. 
The most important figure is the download speed, this depicts how long it will take to view a web page, download a music file or an e-mail Attachment.  As an example of how different download speeds may affect your connection. Below are some statistics to give you some information about the difference:

 Average web page (50 kilobytes including images)

  • 256 kbps download speed – 1.56 seconds to view page.
  • 512 kbps download speed – 0.78 seconds to view page.
  • 1 Mbps download speed – 0.39 seconds to view page.
  • 2 Mbps download speed – 0.195 seconds to view page.
  • 8 Mbps download speed – 0.048 seconds to view page.

average MP3 fit (music file) (4 megabytes):

  • 256 Kbps download speed – 2 minutes and 8 seconds to download.
  • 512 Kbps download speed – 1 minute and 4 seconds to download.
  • 1 Mbps download speed – 32 seconds to download.
  • 2 Mbps download speed – 16 seconds to download.
  • 8 Mbps download speed – 6 seconds to download.

The above figures are only theoretical, as there are many other factors that determine the actual download speed, such as the speed of the server/host you are downloading from.

ADSL  Provides incredible performance compared to standard dial-up connections and is becoming the first choice of broadband for most Internet customers, most ISPSs that offer ADSL. 
Packages charge for a flat monthly fee, which typically includes a fixed amount of bandwidth in each month.  Bandwidth means how much monthly data (web pages, music, videos, etc.) you can download from your Internet service provider.

 Cable connections Cons

Cable connections are not available in every region;  You will need to contact the cable company of your choice to ensure that you have coverage.  Because you always have a cable connection, you will need a firewall to protect your PC, you can find a free firewall in our freeware and shareware section.

  1. Click Start then connect to and then Show all connections.
  2.  Select Create a new connection.
  3. New Connection Wizard starts and then click on Next
  4.  Select Connect to the Internet and then Next
  5. You will see a list of network connection type options.  Select Connect to the Internet and then click Next.
  6. Select the method of connecting to the Internet.  Set my connection to what you would normally choose.  Click Next and then select Connect using a dial-up modem.
  7. Enter your ISP’s name and then click Next.
  8. Enter the dial-up access number and then click Next
  9.  Enter your username and password as provided by your ISP.
  10.  Use any name and password when connecting this computer to the Internet.
  11. De-select Make this the default Internet connection.
  12. Then click on Next, then click on Finish.

Tips of connecting to the internet in windows pc

  1. List the available dial-up internet access numbers for the places you are visiting.  Save them on your laptop or external storage device.
  2. Make multiple connections to different locations by copying the originals to the Network Connections folder and rename each one to the location and then modify the connection settings.

 What you need for connecting to the internet in windows pc

  • ISP provider that provides dial-up Internet access.
  •  Listing of available dial-up Internet access numbers.
  • username and password.


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