A.K.A Manish Kumar Mishra. mani_bnl is a well-known Tech writer, Internet entrepreneur, Digital Creator and founder of team BTT. mani_bnl have 5000+ followers on instagram and facebook.

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My Professional Story

In 2016 after completing Engineering. I started work for a MNC, but i didn’t like my job. So,i  changed my job in 2018. I started my career once again as a Project Engineer. Suddenly  one day after office my  Girlfriend asked me “ why didn’t  you start blogging in your free time? She was aware of my knowledge and experience technology sector . Because during my school and college days  i was associated in some local supermarket as a tech counsellor, so I have 10+years experience in the tech industry. After her  recommendation , I created my first website named .I absolutely love content creation, so i started more websites about my many hobbies and interests.  

With each passing day enough people join my blogging community. My final cause is to help other people who are desperate for success. and a better work environment like me  unimplement to start their own business.

Recognition and Awards

  • Engineer
  • Blogger
  • Professional Bodybuilder
  • Good civilian
  • Speaker
  • digital creator

And much more yet to come.

My Personal Story

I live in small town Barnala,  with my awesome and lovely parents and annoying but smart siblings. When I’m not doing anything , I love to spend all my time with my family. I love learning new things and skills . I would read hundreds of books and listen to thousands of podcasts, that really helps me to gain and increase my knowledge and work also. 
That’s me!